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Precision Medicine in Cancers and Non-Communicable Diseases /

Barh, Debmalya,

Precision Medicine in Cancers and Non-Communicable Diseases / by Debmalya Barh. - First edition. - 1 online resource (342 pages) : 21 illustrations, text file, PDF

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Part-1: Precision Medicine in Oncology -- Ch_1: Precision medicine in oncology: An overview -- --Fazilet Guler Ylmaz, Sultan Ciftci Ylmaz, Esra Gunduz, and Mehmet Gunduz-- -- Ch_2: Circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA in precision medicine -- Anjana Munshi andSatrupa Das -- Ch_3: Oral squamous cell carcinoma and liquid biopsies:A new tool for precision oncology -- Laura Alvarez Rodriguez, Laura Muinelo Romay, Abel Garcia Garcia, Rafel Lopez-Lopez, Alicia Abalo Pineiro and Mario Perez-Sayans -- Ch_4: Precision medicine for brain gliomas -- --Yusuf Izci -- Ch_5: Precision medicine for colorectal cancer -- Candan Hzel, Sukru Tuzmen, Arsalan Amirfallah, Gizem Calibasi, Kocal, Duygu Abbasoglu, Haluk Onat, Yesim Yildirim, and Yasemin Baskin -- Ch_6: Precision medicine in prostate cancer -- Nigel P Murray -- Ch_7: Breast cancer epigenetic targets for precision medicine -- --Ramona Dumitrescu -- Ch_8: Precision medicine in ovarian carcinoma -- --Shailendra Dwivedi, Purvi Purohit, Radhieka Misra, Jeewan Ram Vishnoi, Apul Goel, Puneet Pareek, Sanjay Khattri, Praveen Sharman, Sanjeeve Misra, and Kamlesh Kumar Pant -- Ch_9: Precision medicine in myelodysplastic syndromes -- --Ota Fuchs -- Ch_10: Precision medicine in acute myeloid leukemia -- --Ota Fuchs -- Part-II: Precision Medicine in NCDs -- Ch_11: Precision medicine in coronary artery disease -- --Melvin George, Luxitaa Goenka, and Sandhiya Selvarajan -- Ch_12: Precision medicine in stroke and other related neurological diseases -- --Anjana Munshi, Vandana Sharma, and Sulena Singh -- Ch_13: Precision medicine in osteoporosis and bone diseases -- --Fatmanur Hacievliyagil Kazanci, M. Ramazan Yigitoglu, and Mehmet Gunduz -- Ch_14: Precision medicine in diabetes mellitus -- Sandhiya Selvarajan, Akila Srinivasan, Nishanthi Anandabaskar, Sadish Kamalanathan, and Melvin George -- Ch_15: Precision medicine in multiple sclerosis -- --Shoaib Ahmad -- Ch_16: Precision medicine in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -- --Shoaib Ahmad -- Ch_17: Customized DNA-directed precision nutrition to balance the brain reward circuitry and reduce addictive behaviors -- --Kenneth Blum, Marcelo Febo, Eric R. Braverman, Mona Li, Lyle Fried, Roger Waite, Zsolt Demotrovics, William B. Downs, Debmalya Barh, Bruce Steinberg, Thomas McLaughlin, and Rajendra D. Badgaiyan.

The availability of human genome, large amount of data on individual genetic variations, environmental interactions, influence of lifestyle, and cutting-edge tools and technologies for big-data analysis have led to the era of clinical practice of "Precision Medicine". This book aims to provide a readily available resource on all the important developments achieved so far in the field of oncology. All recent developments have been explained along with epidemiology, technologies and approaches to manage the included diseases. Therefore, readers will get the up to date information on the next-generation approach in tackling all kinds of cancer.Key Features• Presents the latest trend of cancer management based on precision/predictive medicine approach• Reviews the latest and up to date literature in the field of Precision Medicine• Highlights the next generation approach in tackling malignant diseases• Discusses how a life-threatening disease like cancer can be managed with the help of Precision Medicine• Encapsulates a global prospective.


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